The Film is Saddening Bore

The film is a saddening bore 1mx1m oil on canvas 2015


She Walks thru her Sunken Dream 1mx1.3m 2015

agonyinthegarden (1)

Agony in the dancehall 1mx1.3m 2015

sailorsfighting (1)

Look at Those Cavemen Go! 1mx1.3m 2015


thisisnotapainthing Mixed Media 2015


Get Back in The Art Cage Mixed Media 2015

diogenes copy

Doigenes in Blue Jeans Oil on Canvas 2013

David_Bowie_on russell_Harty copy 2David and Russell Harty oil on canvas 2015


As I ask you to focus on | 2015 | Aesthetic Machines, As I Ask You to Focus on