Liminal Middle

Contingent Improvised Commitment

I spent 5 years researching how I feel most alive in the region of vibrant matter when all the time the memos screamed what’s the plan? A lot of friendly complex theory (Barad, Bennet, Malabou, Stengers, Debaise, Sampson, Bergson, Whitehead) led to the simple process of collaborating with matter in ritual. There is complexity in dumb making-do that outstrips the pre-given human observer.

mAikey & the Blurryman is an installation I created based on an image (background below) that the hugging-face Ai generated from prompts regarding the folk figure Burryman and visual data.

myKey & the Blurryman mixed media ritual installation

In effect I was serving the servant and it is here that we find jouissance of crawling from the wreckage. Every second is only as long as the last one. Listening to the metronome hear this pink rupture of the grid in lyric gunk.

Read my thesis “Aesthetic Machines Entanglement and Affect” here.

a shift to understanding in improvised commitment.
only forward only joy

The Liminal middle (above) is a recent film made for the touring event Alchemy, curated by Matt Hulse. It includes a film about Isaac Newton made my son Ralf Georgeson for his school homework. Ralf is also drumming in the film. An expression of the feeling of the tapestry of emerging meaning that comes from an approach to life as a ceremony of making do and mending.

The Cloak of Longing is an experiment in bringing a ceremony of contingent commitment into life. In June 2023 Holly Crawford of the AC Institute to San Diego invited us to perform this reconciliatory ritual at their new Liberty Station venue. I am also grateful to the Museum of New Americans who helped make it possible. Only Forward Only Joy.


Meaning Inside The Event

We are the cosmos inside the singing and hearing of stories. The speculative that extra-embodied denizens of a perpetual Eco-synaptic, Bio-AesthetiK Ontology

Performative Painter in Temporal Substance

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