The Deadends

A Celebration of a Made-up Culture

celebration of the deadends Gallery Studio 1 Feb 2018

Who or what were the Deadends or deadEnds depending on whom you’re speaking to? What exactly is the meaning behind the signature shapes and forms analysts have chosen to name them after?

Were they trying to tell someone something?

Was this their art or their way of declaring I am here or rather I am stuck here please send help? Of course the Deadends are a made up culture but that hasn’t stopped anyone from hypothesising about the messages locked into their handiwork.

Unfortunately the deadends left behind no written evidence or documentation of their culture or thought process leaving scholars to project or speculate as to the exact structure of their intended passage through their geographic specificity. Did they mean it? Did they mind if it meant something or is this a way of saying look I’m quite cool and vaguely socially aware but if I had read the art of war I’d be more mysterious and somewhat invisible. Or were the deadends simply the most powerful dynasty ever to have bestrode the planet only to be lost in space and time forever because they failed to document their intentions? Who or what were the Deadends?

Deadends from Mikey Georgeson on Vimeo.

deadend resonance discovered with Andy Barrett

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